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Setting up Debugging in MAMP Pro 3.3 and PHPStorm 9

First off, make sure that you have the latest versions of MAMP Pro and PHPStorm installed. At the time of this writing, that is MAMP 3.3 and PHPStorm 9. In MAMP’s PHP tab, check the option for debugger. Edit /Applications/MAMP/bin/php/php<version>/conf/php.ini. … Continue reading

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Getting Composer Working in OSX with MAMP

I just had a bit of a run-around trying to get Composer working in my local MAMP environment, so I thought I’d share a few of the extra steps I had to go through. First off, you need to get … Continue reading

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Git Auto-Pull Broken, Fix Found

At my work, we have a Git auto-pull script set up for development branches, so that whenever a developer pushes a commit, the development server will automatically pull in those changes.  Here is a basic example of that sort of … Continue reading

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How to Correctly Revert a Bad Merge in Git

Let’s say we have this situation: –o—o—o—M—x—x master / –A—B my-dev-branch A and B are on development branch “my-dev-branch,” which actually had some bugs in it. M is the merge that brings these premature changes into master, x are changes … Continue reading

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Improving PHP Development Workflow Efficiency With Sublime Text 2

I’ve recently been turned on to Sublime Text 2, and I’m loving it.  Jeffrey Way has done an excellent job of detailing exactly how you can improve your workflow with it, here. However, that link has a lot of videos, and … Continue reading

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Tutorial: AJAX Through PHP and jQuery

Here is a simple example of using AJAX with PHP and jQuery. The AJAX just outputs the GET variables that were sent back to the page, and the jQuery handler adds that to the div with id of “content”. You … Continue reading

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Nearly-Free Cell Phone Service?

This isn’t really related to coding or development, but what the hell — thought I’d write about it anyway. One of the founders of Skype is starting a company called  It’s a $99 sleeve for your iPhone 4/4S which … Continue reading

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Machine Learning for Automated A/B Testing

Steve Hanov posted this interesting article about automated A/B testing. Normally in A/B testing, you create two (or more) variations of something — whether that be button color, placement, text, or even two completely different versions of a page (though … Continue reading

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Post the First: Turbocharging MySQL Queries With Memcached

This is a function which I created that leverages memcached to perform automatic caching of MySQL queries. This assumes that you have created functions memcache_get, memcache_set, and memcache_delete — personally, I just have these as wrapper functions for the native memcached … Continue reading

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