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Git Auto-Pull Broken, Fix Found

At my work, we have a Git auto-pull script set up for development branches, so that whenever a developer pushes a commit, the development server will automatically pull in those changes. ¬†Here is a basic example of that sort of … Continue reading

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Tutorial: AJAX Through PHP and jQuery

Here is a simple example of using AJAX with PHP and jQuery. The AJAX just outputs the GET variables that were sent back to the page, and the jQuery handler adds that to the div with id of “content”. You … Continue reading

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Post the First: Turbocharging MySQL Queries With Memcached

This is a function which I created that leverages¬†memcached to perform automatic caching of MySQL queries. This assumes that you have created functions memcache_get, memcache_set, and memcache_delete — personally, I just have these as wrapper functions for the native memcached … Continue reading

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