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Getting Composer Working in OSX with MAMP

I just had a bit of a run-around trying to get Composer working in my local MAMP environment, so I thought I’d share a few of the extra steps I had to go through. First off, you need to get … Continue reading

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Improving PHP Development Workflow Efficiency With Sublime Text 2

I’ve recently been turned on to Sublime Text 2,¬†and I’m loving it. ¬†Jeffrey Way has done an excellent job of detailing exactly how you can improve your workflow with it, here. However, that link has a lot of videos, and … Continue reading

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Tutorial: AJAX Through PHP and jQuery

Here is a simple example of using AJAX with PHP and jQuery. The AJAX just outputs the GET variables that were sent back to the page, and the jQuery handler adds that to the div with id of “content”. You … Continue reading

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